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UMAHADEX – is the first worldwide classified ad. The existence of umahadex was to satisfy the world in buying and selling of fairly used or new products, finding or posting a vacancy, posting a company or finding a company at any location.



I would be glad to show you something today.
Go to link and look at prototype for project. This prototype made in Axure RP (Read more about Axure)
As you can see this not complicated. I could tell in detail about the construction of a prototype, but  my story not only that…

The main stages of my work on the project

– Studying the main idea of the client, brainstorming,
– understanding and development of ideas in the form of sketches,
– creation of personas and scenarios of the potential audience,
– creation sitemap,
– analysis of typical user scenarios,
– creation main page prototype,
– creation sign in/ log in prototypes,
– creation user dashboard,
– design a mechanism posting ads and vacancies,
– design a mechanism of posting business,
– presentation and interactive prototype for the client,
– finalization of user interfaces,
– improvements of prototypes,
– design pages for desktop and mobiles,
– coding, dense brainstorming with R&D ,
– beta release,
– filling the content page templates,
– design solutions monetization,
– selection server (amazon instance EC2)
– usability analysis, changes and working with user experience,
– grouping and structuring users,
– creating notifications,
– release of a live site,
– planning campaigns of email marketing,
– improvement the usability


As you can see all of these parts is takes a long time. Currently I’m actively working on a multilingual and designing the user experience based on location.

Live website: Here

CMS: Seotoaster cms

Analitycs: Google analitycs and seotoaster store dashboard

Payment: PayPal / Visa

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