UX/UI cases, what was done recently


A service to connect people with local professionals ready to help them with their projects.

This project were builded from scratch including user flow, workflow wireframes, scenarios, layouts, responsive design. Also I designed member part of website: dashboard, payment features (paypal), user notifications (coding responsive email layouts), onboarding program.


Photoshop, Mindmeister, Invisionapp, Analytics, IDE

Qyiik recruiting

Web platform for HR which help manage all the job seekers and time management for themself. A huge part of working for me as UX designer here is on desktop website and mobile iOs app. Creating, improving, design from scratch. All things for it I gotten from product owner. Now I’m working on it by request to improve general UI and workflow.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Invisionapp, Active brain usage.


Website which collect online bonuses for casinos, games, slots etc

A lot of work has been done on the project. I worked on an adaptation for all mobile devices, carried out tests on usability, improved user experience. Also I created new templates for online slots and games wich then have been developed.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Mobile Device testing (AWS Device farm), A/B tests, Invisionapp, Axure


Indian startup for creating personalised magnets and smartphone’s cases from user’s social networks photos

My main goal for this project was that it must improve the user experience in all steps within the magnet/mobile cases editor. Thereby reducing the user time to create the finished product. I also improved the appearance according to the general rules of usability and brand appeal.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Scratching by hand, Workflows, Axure, Illustrator


Marketing automation software (SaaS). Market research client side, studying the client’s business, the creation of sales points and improve conversions. Creation of default templates and boiler plates for seotoaster that used by people who signed to seosamba. Assisting the R&D team when a new interface for a screen. Team Lead of designers and CSS coders teach and assisting the team (actually I worked there as full time 2012-2014)

TOOLS: Photoshop, Fireworks, Optimizely, Analytics, Split testing, Workflows, Axure, Illustrator

SeoToaster Free CMS

Free e-commerce web builder for any user needs. Creation plugins UI and new themes for e-commerce as well as the improvement of existing ones. Design and UX for particular screens on drag-n-drop features.

TOOLS: Photoshop, Fireworks, Optimizely, Analytics, Split testing, Workflows, Axure, Illustrator

Some other “old school works”: